jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

A review of the novel "The woodworm" (La carcoma) by Venancio Iglesias Martín

A REVIEW OF A HISTORICAL THRILLER NOVEL: "THE WOODWORM" by Venancio Iglesias Martín/ "La carcoma" (Ed. Lobo sapiens, León, España)

I've read lately an interesting novel by a Spanish writer. The book's title is "La carcoma" (in Spanish-language). The book tells the story of some men who fought in the mountains for many years, after "the civil war" in Spain. Those men were called "maquis" during the military dictatorship. They lived like bandits, hidden from the law and under the danger of being captured or killed. The story is set in the forties of the twentieth century.

The writer tells us about the so difficult living conditions in what that people lived, or rather, survived. The plot is gradually thrilling. The book, step by step, approaches the end of that group of men, the last resistants to the dictatorship power. One of the last scenes is really exciting: the scene of a priest's death. But you must find out by yourself why and how that terrible crime happened. I can only tell you that that one helped to some resistants...

I recommend this book to all History lovers, and to the readers who are interested in real-life stories which can also make us feel a lot.


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